The surgeon’s scalpel shook so badly, that Brad’s soft and succulent brain ended up looking like Vanilla ice cream smothered in ketchup.

Jessica’s saucy blue eyes were more perilous than a Venus Flytrap, and Dirk, poor devil, was the fly.

Remember to add ‘s

Add ‘s to nouns that do not end in s.

I stared, both fascinated and repelled, by Conchita’s dangerous-looking liverwurst.

Add ‘s to singular nouns that end in s.

I would sell my soul to the devil for Moses’s freaky-deaky bagels.

Add only an apostrophe (no s) to nouns that end in s.

Those penniless savages chased me through the streets of Fez, ruining my Armani trousers’ perfect crease.


It’s good to be a woman, but better to be a French fry.

I simply can’t go on—not without George’s loud and smoky laughter.


Stacys lambchops and loins are juicy enough for a casual breakfast on the veranda, but not for the sort of fine dining the ambassador has grown accustomed to in Mumbai.

Dont eat that Napolean, unless you want to add gluteus to your maximus.

On a bad day, theres always lipstick; on a good day, theres Elvis’ grilled banana and peanut butter sandwiches.


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