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You can mention the authors in the paragraph. This way, cite only the page number at the end of the paragraph.

Cobblemeister and Pecklharder determined that most men murder spouses after they have divorced, while most women murder spouses while they are still married. “However,” writes Cobblemeister and Pecklharder in their seminal work Shoot the Bastard, “No woman has ever shot her husband while he is doing the dishes.” (568)

How this looks on the Works Cited Page:

Cobblemeister, Birch J., and Rita M. Pecklharder. Shoot the Bastard. New York: Basic Books, 2001.

If you don’t mention authors in the paragraph, cite them in parentheses at the end of the paragraph.

Constant marijuana use, according to one study, lowers IQ by an average 45.5 points. Indeed, at the end of last year’s three-day Smoke It! fest in Stamford, Connecticut, 55 attendees were unable to do simple tasks such as adding single-digit numbers or sipping  Coca Cola through a straw (Von Holenzollen 15).

How this looks on the Works Cited Page:

Von Holenzollen, Ernst. “Pass the Damn Doobie, Dude.” Scientific American 35 (1998): 245 – 267

Electronic sources:

“Hard work had nothing to do with my wealth,” claims billionaire entrepreneur Clark. “Cigarettes and coffee are the main reason for my success” (Clam).

How this looks on the Works Cited Page:

Clam, Ben. “Billionaires Reveal Their Secrets.” We Love Billionaires, 3 June 2001. Web. 29 July 2006.